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Are you tired of the frustration and expense associated with obtaining live brine shrimp? Outrageous shipping costs make buying live brine shrimp on the web too expensive. In addition, the freight handlers freeze or boil the shrimp during transit and you are left with nothing to feed your delicate specimens or fry. Aquaculturist and marine biologist, Michael F. McMaster has focused on large batch culture of live brine shrimp for the commercial sector for the past 48 years. During that time, Mike’s companies have supplied live brine shrimp in all phases of growth and development to pet shops, hobbyists, public and private aquariums, research facilities, and aquaculturists.
18,000 gallon brine shrimp tank
one of sixteen tanks at the Tavernier, Florida facility
2,000 gallon tanks

The Technology

McMaster has recently developed the technology for the successful small batch culture of live brine shrimp. Now you can grow all the brine shrimp you need at an affordable cost in your own home, shop or farm. It’s simple and easy with’s technology.

These Brine Shrimp Grow Kits are currently offered in 1 gallon mini farm kit, (for young marine biologists ages 8 to 18, for school biology classes, for research and toxicity testing, etc.), 10-, 20- and 40 gallon sizes (larger kits available upon request). All you need to do is purchase the recommended tank size that best suits your needs and space. The water chemistry and dry food packets provided take all the guess work and frustration out of rearing brine shrimp in small batch culture. 

Product Information

Adult live brine shrimp in one gallon kit
Swarm of live adult brine shrimp

Larger sizes available soon.
Sizes from 10 gallons to commercial sizes 20,000 gallons and larger.

In the science of aquaculture, live brine shrimp are known to be Nature’s best food for the growth of fish and invertebrates. With the Mini-Farm kits, you can now easily raise nutritious brine shrimp at home. The standard Mini-Farm kits are 1 gallon, 10 gallon, 20 gallon and 40 gallon. The 1 gallon kit includes a plastic bowl but for the larger sizes, you will need to provide the appropriate size of culture tank.

The Special Brine Shrimp Salt contains all the necessary chemical components and resting brine shrimp eggs. Just add the salt mixture to freshwater. The Special Brine Shrimp Food has been specifically formulated to enhance brine shrimp growth.

A Mini-Farm kit can produce 500-1000 large, adult brine shrimp per gallon of culture water in 12-15 days at 80 degrees F. To calculate estimated production, simply multiply 500-1000 brine shrimp times the gallons of culture water.

1 gallon Mini-Farm kit = 500-1000 brine shrimp
20 gallon Mini-Farm kit = 10,000-20,000 brine shrimp
20,000 gallon commercial kit = 10,000,000-20,000,000 brine shrimp

For commercial size Mini-Farm kits, Special Brine Shrimp Salt or Special Brine Shrimp Food, please contact us for additional information and price quotes. We are the solution for all your brine shrimp needs.