One Gallon Mini Farm Operating Instructions

Upon receipt of your new One Gallon Mini Farm check to make sure all components (parts) are present.

The components are:

1. One-gallon clear plastic bowl.

2. 5-milliliter plastic pipette used for feeding.

3. One bottle of Special Brine Shrimp food containing dry food ingredients.

4. Bag of Special Brine Shrimp salt mix with resting brine shrimp eggs mixed in.

5. One 9 oz. clear viewing cup and clear plastic spoon.

6. Small fine mesh aquarium net for catching live brine shrimp from bowl.

7. Floating aquarium thermometer.

8. Small bag of crushed sea shells to be placed in the bottom of bowl.

Items that you need to provide:

1. One gallon bottle of distilled water from your local food store. Your tap water may be used but we advise against it due to the variability of water quality conditions found across the country. Tap water comes with chlorine and chloramines but the salt mix contains chemicals that remove these two poisons.

2. An aquarium heater in not recommended but the placement of the bowl inside your home or office is the easiest way to provide adequate culture temperature between 70 and 80 degrees F.


First place the one-gallon bowl on a stable table, counter, or similar place inside the home. You may wish to use a large plate under the bowl for more support if moving to a different location.


1. Pour the one-gallon jug of distilled water into bowl.

2. Open the salt bag and pour all contents into the bowl. Occasionally, gently stir the water around to help the salt dissolve quicker. Use clear plastic spoon included in kit. After the salt has dissolved add in the sea shells to cover the bowl bottom. We refer to this as day-0 of the culture process. After 24 hours have passed, the salt will be dissolved and the resting brine shrimp eggs will have hatched. You now have live tiny baby shrimp in the bowl. They are quite small and hard to see at this age. Use the included clear cup for up close viewing. This stage is referred to as day-1. We also suggest using a small hand-held magnifying glass to assist in seeing the newly hatched baby brine shrimp if you are having a hard time seeing them at this age. Also, a small flashlight will help as well.

3. Food: Open the 4-ounce bottle labeled Special Brine Shrimp Food. Then add tap water to about 90% full. This provides some air space at the top that allows for better mixing by shaking. Replace the cap securely and shake vigorously for two minutes. Once dissolved, the food should be kept in the refrigerator for safe cold storage. Your brine shrimp must be fed daily at about the same time of day so feeding intervals are about 24 hours apart. Upon removing the food jar from the refrigerator daily, you must again vigorously shake the contents until there is no visible food on the bottom of the bottle.

4. Feeding: DO NOT OVER FEED. This is the most important step in the entire process. If your one-gallon culture fails, it is always due to over feeding. Become very aware of the clarity of the bowl water. If the water is clear, feed it. If the water is cloudy do not feed it and wait 24 hours. If the water is now clear, feed it. Use the enclosed dropper/pipette to measure drops. Day 1 is 24 hours after adding salt mixture to the water.

Feeding rate:

  • Days 1 to 3: 6 drops/day
  • Days 4 to 6: 8 drops/day
  • Days 7 to 10: 10 drops/day
  • Days 11 plus: 12 drops per day
  • By Day 15 of the culture cycle, you should have adult brine shrimp (3/8 inches long) if the temperature has been between 70 to 80 degrees F. Remember that you will not kill your culture by under feeding, but you can kill the culture by over feeding. The more times you do this culture, the better you will be at producing the most shrimp with a 1-gallon bowl. We offer a very affordable re-start kit which uses your original bowl and equipment. We also offer larger culture kits sizes.


The team at thanks you for your business and we hope to see you back again and maybe for a bigger Grow Brine Shrimp Kit.