Operating Instructions for Products #6, #7, #8 Special Salt and Egg Mix

The Special Salt and Egg Mix only comes in portions of 10 gallon mix. If you are planning to establish a 20 gallon culture then order two bags or a 100 gallon culture then order ten bags. Larger commercial sizes are available by request. Send us an email or call regarding what size you need and then allows us a few days to get back to you with a quote. Be sure to let us know your location in order to factor in freight costs.

All standard 10-gallon salt portions come with premeasured amount of brine shrimp resting eggs. The number of eggs added to a ten-gallon salt bag is enough to give you a high but safe density of shrimp in the culture. Resting brine shrimp eggs are available upon request in any amount.

Upon arrival of the Special Salt, add it to the appropriate amount of freshwater. The salt mixture will dissolve/clear within 24 hours. At the same time the enclosed brine shrimp eggs will have hatched if your water temperature is 70 to 80 degree Fahrenheit.