Operating Instructions for Products #6, #7, #8 Special Salt and Egg Mix

The Special Brine Shrimp Food is a dry and proprietary mixture of vegetable-based food ingredients that has been technically developed over the last 40 years of commercial brine shrimp farming by the company owner. There are no animal products in this mixture.

Upon receipt of the food just open the safety lid and fill bottle to 90% full with freshwater. Then shake the bottle vigorously for two minutes. Store the bottle of food in the refrigerator for safe keeping. If left out at room temperature the contents can spoil if it is too warm. Generally, some spoilage is acceptable to brine shrimp but not too much. So, if you forgot to put it back in the refrigerator for one day it should be OK. Follow the feeding instructions for the Kit sizes.

Bottle sizes generally relate to the culture size. A one-gallon kit will need not more than 4 ounces of food to get through the culture cycle. A forty gallon culture will need not more than two 16-ounce bottles of food to get through the culture cycle. If you are planning a 100-gallon culture you may need at least four 16-ounce bottles.

For feeding amounts see the Operating Instructions for Different Kits sizes.

This food formula has been proven to support growth and survival of Artemia (brine shrimp). For best culture results we highly recommend using our Special Salt Mix. Why? Artemia (brine shrimp) do not exist in the world oceans anywhere, so standard dry sea water mixes do not work very well. Artemia have evolved in a very harsh environment called inland salt lakes which exists around the world. Our Artemia eggs come from the Great Salt Lake in Utah, USA. The water chemistry there is greatly different then ocean water. Our salt formula better mimic their natural water chemistry needs plus other chemistry improvements.